Our Construction Industry Expertise Will Help Your Business Grow

Allen Construction Group is a construction industry advisory firm offering CFO, accounting and bookkeeping services to the construction industry. Our competitive advantages are direct construction industry work experience and construction industry focus at reasonable rates. Hiromi Young, senior manager at Allen Group LLP, has more than eighteen years of construction finance experience.  All management and staff of Allen Construction Group have the construction education and construction industry work experience to get the job done.

Trusted Financial Advisory Services

Our expert advisors will help you chart the right course for your business.

Like most small businesses, the construction industry experiences complex financial decisions and situations that require expertise which may fall outside the educational or professional background of the owners or employees.

Advisory services vary in scope and complexity. From financial reporting and process improvement to advice on how to access additional capital to help grow the business, we can help. Whether you’re acquiring another construction company or integrating an acquisition, navigating a lawsuit or restructuring your organization, you need a team of professional accounting and financial experts to guide you.

The advisory services from Allen Construction Group provide trusted, specialized financial advice to help you clearly understand your options, opportunities and exposures.

CPA Prepared Financial Statements

Financial statements published by Allen Construction Group qualify under American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) code Statement on Standards for Accounting and Review Services (SSARS) 21 Section 70, “CPA Prepared Financial Statements.” This is a valuable service to assist in business loan applications, bank loan covenant reporting, investor
reporting, or a business acquisition.

Your financial statement provides a detailed overview of the financial health of your business. Ensuring an accurate financial statement is critically important as it provides an overview of your company’s financial performance, debt, and cash flow.

All financial statements comply with General Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) unless another form of accounting is requested.


  • Do you know if your projects are making profits before they are completed?
  • Does your job production suffer because you spend too much time on bookkeeping?

The bookkeeping team at Allen Construction Group is a team of educated and experienced accountants who provide bookkeeping services to the construction industry. The team is managed by CPAs with decades of hands-on experience in construction accounting and finance. At Allen Group, we believe that technology plays an important role in bookkeeping, but we also know that computers can’t replace the value of education, experience, and judgment by the accountant performing the work.