Construction Overhead Costs

Do You Know Your Overhead Costs?

July 6, 2021

Many contractors focus on estimating accurate costs for each job, which is the first step to run successful construction companies. In order to bid as well as to achieve a profit margin target successfully, you need know if the cost […]

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Accountants Wine Industry

Insurance Changes for the California Wine Industry

May 31, 2021

The wildfires of late 2019 and 2020 saw some of the most devastating damage to the California wine industry since early settlers started growing their grapes here in the early 1830s. The recent wildfires did more than reshape the topography […]

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Employee Retention Credits for the Wine Industry

April 22, 2021

Fiscal year 2020 was tough on just about all business, and the future of 2021 is very much uncertain. Few industries have been hit harder than the wine industry. When it comes to bottled wine sales, much of a winery’s […]

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Employee Retention Credits

Employee Retention Credits for the Construction Industry

April 6, 2021

2020 was a tough year, especially for the complex and large-scale nature of the construction industry. While some areas of the country chose this time to break ground and complete construction projects, many others were halted completely. As financial professionals […]

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Best Management Reporting Practices for Wineries

March 10, 2021

At AWG, we are frequently asked about the best practices for internal financial management reporting for wineries. What is the right amount of reporting that doesn’t create too much paperwork? How much time should you spend making and editing reports? […]

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